Pond Basics

  • Water Gardens 101

    Water Gardens 101

    Four Fundamentals of a Balanced Pond: --> As much as we would like to say a balanced water garden just happens, it doesn't. To achieve crystal clear water and to keep fish and plants thriving, you must understand the four fundamentals of a balanced pond: Aeration, Filtration, Plants and Fish, and Treatments. Aeration: Promotes pond clarity and fish well being. Waterfalls and fountain features alone can't produce enough oxygen to maintain a balanced pond, but adding aeration kits such as a Read More »
  • How to Measure a Water Garden

    How to Measure a Water Garden

    Knowing how much water a pond holds will help you determine the size of the aeration or filtration system you will need to install. It will also help you properly dose the pond with water treatments and determine how many fish the pond can house. Luckily there are formulas that will determine the volume of water for you after you've collected a few important measurements based on the shape of the pond. RECTANGULAR PONDS The easiest ponds to measure are those that resemble a rectangle. First, measure the maximum length and width of the pond and then measure the pond... Read More »