About CrystalClear

CrystalClear has been the proven solution and market leader in water garden treatments for over 20 years, becoming the first choice among pond owners and pond shop keepers. The success of CrystalClear is a direct result of several proprietary biological treatments and EPA registered algaecides.


About Airmax

Airmax was founded with a passion to improve the methods in which pond owners care for their ponds. Airmax works with a simple set of guidelines; focus on SAFE, natural solutions that are SIMPLE to use while providing outstanding results. We are proud to offer the CrystalClear line of products to help our customers enjoy their water gardens.

Product Support

Airmax offers product support from installation, product selection as well as usage. For any questions, please call one of our Airmax Customer Service Representatives for help at 866-424-7629.

Product Design & Manufacturing

Airmax has developed and engineered several solutions from powerful, quiet, efficient aeration systems and fountains to natural water treatments for ponds, lakes and water gardens. Airmax will continue to lead the industry in innovative products with the “pond owners first” mindset.

Research & Development

Airmax products are a result of over a decade of research and real world testing. Airmax was developed exclusively for ponds and lakes and has become the most recognized brand among pond and lake owners with a reputation for a natural simplified approach to pond management.