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Removing Organics in Water Gardens

Removing Organics in Water Gardens

When you hear the word bacteria your mind probably doesn't paint a pretty picture. Understandable. In the world we live in, most mentions of bacteria are in a negative context. Just watch any household cleaner or drug commercial. What most people don't know is that bacteria can actually be good.

Bacteria are like a lot like humans, they build colonies, they reproduce, they eat, they require oxygen and they love to Tweet about politics. That last part isn't true, but it would be kind of funny if it was! All the rest is true however, and all are essential to making your pond a clean and safe ecosystem.

In any body of water there are trillions of colonies and many diverse strains of bacteria that find their way into the ecosystem carried in on wildlife, blown in, or introduced through rainwater run-off. Although each different strain performs specific functions the basics of what bacteria do in a pond are to remove organic wastes.

If you have ever watched Animal Planet and seen colonies of ants frantically working towards one goal it is very similar to the way bacteria colonies operate. Like any living being, their goal in life is to survive. Bacteria work together to break down fish waste, decaying leaves, twigs and plant debris to obtain nutrients to survive and reproduce. Once the organics are consumed their waste is only carbon dioxide and water.

You're probably thinking, "Ahhh so, I don't have months and years to wait for bacteria to colonize in my pond naturally, this thing is dirty!". That's fair, so here is the nutshell version.

We have taken bacteria strains from nature and isolated the strains that are specific to perform the functions we need them to in a water garden; eat fish waste and uneaten fish food, degrade bottom muck and remove ammonia and nitrite, to name a few. Then we take those strains and grow them into billions of colonies in fermenters. We then package the finished product into what you see in our Natural Water Treatments section of our website.

The CrystalClear line offers liquid, dry and tablet bacteria and enzyme products to suit the particular needs of your pond. You might ask yourself, "Why can't I use just one?". You can, depending on the problem you are having, but on occasion, you may need to explore multiple options.

For example, CrystalClear has four premier bacteria products we manufacture, BioClarifier, OneFix, MuckOff and ClarityMax . BioClarifier and OneFix contain specific strains that are designed to clean and clear the water column, while our MuckOff tablets are formulated from muck reducing bacteria.

And the star of the CrystalClear show is ClarityMax. Clarity Max is a multi-functional formula that contains bacteria, enzymes and our proprietary secret ingredient that will remove algae stains and debris in and around waterfalls, streams, plant ponds and filtration systems.

Now that you know how bacteria and enzyme products are made and what they do you will not only be able to pick the right CrystalClear product for your pond problem but you will also be able to dazzle and impress your friends pond-side with your vast knowledge of bacteria and how they work.

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