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CrystalClear Fish Food

Platinum Fish Food
Platinum Fish Food

CrystalClear Platinum fish food contains a special blend of the highest quality proteins, vitamins and minerals to promote rapid growth. Designed with premium nutrition for growing show-quality koi.

Staple Fish Food
Staple Fish Food

CrystalClear Staple floating fish food contains a balanced nutritional formula for all pond fish. This blend of vitamins and minerals is perfect for every day feeding during the warmer months of the year.

WheatGerm Fish Food
WheatGerm Fish Food

CrystalClear WheatGerm floating fish food is designed for the cooler months of the year. Easily digestable this is the perfect food for transitioning koi and goldfish into and out of the colder months.

Choosing Your Fish & Plant Treatment

Maintain Healthy Slime Coat & Control Parasites

CrystalClear ParaSalt

ParaSalt is formulated to increase koi and goldfish electrolytic intake. Electrolytes are critical in building and maintaining a healthy slime coat. Electrolytes such as potassium are essential in wound repair and in times of heavy stress (ie - during water changes or clean-outs). Salt is excellent for mucous production when healing from a wound.

ParaSalt will also help ward off and remove most common protozoan parasites found in koi and goldfish such as: Dactylogyrus, Byrodcytulus, Epistylis, Trichodina and Chilodonella. ParaSalt can be used in a salt bath for heavy infestations or as a routine treatment to keep parasites from entering the pond environment.

Control Bacterial Infections, Finrot & Ulcers

CrystalClear WipeOut

WipeOut is excellent for controlling gill diseases in pond and aquarium fish. Bacterial diseases generally result from fish stress due to adverse water quality conditions (pH, oxygen or temperature problems), habitat clean-outs, untreated abrasions or predators. WipeOut works extremely well on pond fish species such as koi and goldfish as well as on commonly found aquarium fish species.

Remedy Ick, Fungal Infections & Single-Celled Parasites

CrystalClear KnockOut Plus

KnockOut Plus is an all natural, fish treatment that eliminates plus prevents external single-celled parasites, ick and fungal infections. KnockOut Plus works extremely well with pond fish species such as koi and goldfish and unlike most fish treatments, there is no need to remove your filters before treatment. Furthermore, when used routinely, KnockOut Plus works as a strong preventative treatment. Use anytime new fish are added, during pond clean-outs, during spring start-up or any time fish are stressed.

KnockOut Plus is a broad spectrum treatment for a variety of parasites including ichthyophthirius (Ick), sporozoan parasite, dinoflagellate infections as well as fungi such as saprolegnia, achlya, leptomitus and pythium. May be used with most invertebrates including snails.

Help Your Plants Excel

CrystalClear Thrive

Thrive is designed to keep your aquatic plants vigorous and beautiful. Thrive tablets will feed potted aquatic plants all season long. Simply use one tablet for every gallon of soil each month during the growing season. Push the tablet one finger deep into the soil, 3" from the crown of the plant. Press soil around the inserted tablet for best results. It is always a good idea to feed plants every two weeks when the water temperature rises above 75°F.

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CrystalClear, Inc. has been the proven solution and market leader in water garden treatments for over 20 years, becoming the first choice among pond owners and pond shop keepers. The success of CrystalClear is a direct result of several proprietary biological treatments and EPA registered algaecides.

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