Stop Algae Growth & Green Water

Algae Control Products

Algae is a common nuisance to water gardeners. When the summer months arrive, warm temperatures, reduced oxygen levels and increased nutrient loading feed algae. If you don't stay on top of it, algae can take over your pond in no time making you wonder if there is every going to be an end in sight.

Most pond owners are intimately familiar with green water and string algae. String algae grows on rocks, waterfalls, and streams while green water lives in the water column. You can rest easy knowing CrystalClear has a remedy for both, AlgaeOff for string algae and Algae D-Solv for green water.

Clean Water and Remove Muck and Waste

Pond Cleaning Products

Water gardens are unlike any other landscape element. A water garden is an ecosystem inside of an ecosystem, your yard. Yards can be a pond’s worst enemy. In addition to having its own issues with fish waste, aquatic plant debris and uneaten fish food it also has to contend with grass clippings, tree leaves and rainfall run-off. All of which can cause a wide variety of pond maintenance issues. Luckily CrystalClear has you covered.

Bottom muck and water clarity top the charts as the most popular troublemakers in a pond. That’s why we formulated MuckOff bacteria and enzyme tablets to eat up stubborn bottom muck, organic debris, and odor and ClarityMax to remove algae stains and organic build-up on waterfalls and streams. And by the way, it does a great job of clearing your water too!

If you are looking for natural products that are safe for fish, plants and domestic animals you will want to explore our Pond Cleaners section for the perfect product for your pond.

Clean Unsightly Water & Debris

Water Clarifiers

Every pond owner wants crystal clear water but Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Water gardens are a closed system so what goes in doesn’t naturally go out. This is where we give Mrs. Nature a hand.

CrystalClear has a wide assortment of natural water clarity products that utilize barley, bacteria and enzymes, dyes and flocculating agents to clear your pond quickly and safely. Clearwater not only means happy pond owner but happier fish too. So feel free to browse a bit so you can find the perfect fit for your water clarity problem.

We guarantee that no matter what product you decide on, you will have crystal clear water!

Remove Foam & Harmful Contaminates

Water Conditioning Products

All pond problems are not always ones you can see. Water can contain many chemical imbalances like high or low pH, high ammonia levels or toxic chloramine levels, and that's right out of your water hose! Whether you are filling up a new pond or topping off your pond these contaminants need to be removed before they go into the pond with your fish and plants.

If you have seen your water clarity suddenly change, plants are wilting or your fish are acting funny, odds are there is a pond chemistry issue at play. So if you are having a problem that you can't quite put your finger on you will want to check out CrystalClear's entire line up of water conditioning products.